30/08/2017 16:39 BST

9 Things Only Year 11 Students Will Understand

What a year that was!

With Year 11s moving onto the next stage of their lives, it’s important to remember things that we leave behind - some of which brought us happiness, and others not so much.

Nevertheless, it’s all part of the experience. For many of us, it was an enjoyable year, full of banter, gossip and a lot of stress. But we did it, and now we can move on.

But of course, there are some things you only know if you’ve endured Year 11 - we’ve rounded up some of the best of them...

 1. Finally getting to add your favourite teachers on Facebook once you leave school (and checking out all their embarrassing old photos)


2. Noticing the contrast of how innocent and afraid you were back in Year 7, compared to the vicious, fearless and evil kids starting school now


3. That satisfying feeling after coming out of an exam knowing that you’ll never have to worry about that subject EVER AGAIN


4. That you MUST get out of PE lessons so you can ‘revise’ for other topics


5. The need to scroll through Twitter post-exam to check that everyone else found question 4 on the maths paper as horrific as you did


6. That teachers are more lenient because secretly they’re going to miss you when you’re gone


7. Stepping out the exam hall and considering hibernating for the rest of your life to avoid the disappointment on results day


8. That anticipation of knowing prom and after-party are going to be being one of the best nights of your life.


9. But the next morning looking back at the photos and contemplating some of your actions from the night before