17/09/2013 08:49 BST | Updated 16/11/2013 05:12 GMT

The Private Tuition Boom, What's the Fuss About?

Private tuition throughout the country especially in the capital is rising, year on year. A new figure out last week in the Evening Standard suggested that 40% of all children in London have had a tutor at one stage. That's approximately 775,000 children. Blimey!

Some educational experts and professionals, imply it's a rich/poor divide. That it's only the rich, the parents with spare money that can afford tuition and after school support. Not from where I'm sitting it's not!

From the beginning of September 2013 35% of our enquiries have been from students who are at state schools, who's parents are on lower incomes and who's grandparents and friends pull together to put some money into an 'education pot.'

Education is important, very important and parents are saving for a tutor. Parents are worried, scared at the moment, there is fear in the education arena. Fuelled by a number of factors, Gove's reforms of A-Level's and GCSE's that cheated children out of their GCSE grades, failing State schools and extremely stressful exam preparation for entry into independent schools. These are just a few of the reasons parents have turned to a one-one private tutor. Parents are hiring tutors for support, for a confidence boost and for reassurance. Many schools with 25+ pupils in a class cannot offer this. Let's face it parents are loosing confidence in schools, the Government and to an extent, teachers.

One argument often aimed at tutors is that they don't know the state school system and the differing exam boards. Let me reassure parents immediately many tutors are from state schools!

How can we help all children in all schools?

Tutors and tutoring companies should work with schools, State and Private; this would benefit all children regardless of age and ability. It's important that all tutors are regulated, working directly with teachers, heads of departments and directors of studies. Schools should identity children who would benefit the most from individual tailored tuition and embrace what a private tutor can do to increase confidence and raise standards. Improving a child's chances in education is so important, 'experts' fighting against each other isn't.

Tutor House isn't here to fight schools and education trusts; we're here to help. Our knowledge and love of teaching should be a win-win situation, allowing teachers in class to teach and tutors outside of schools to help specific students and small groups of children.

Working together is the best option, it would benefit children, teachers, parents and schools, cohesive learning is the best way forward! Regardless of all the changes that are taking place, parents wouldn't be scared any more if we work together, they'd be happy.

Parents shouldn't be made to feel guilty if they decide to spend their hard earned cash on a tutor. I have never once had a parent say to me it's a waste of time and money to offer extra educational support.