14/12/2012 07:05 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 05:12 GMT

In 'Shut Down' Mode But Feeling Back To Normal

I'm still without the use of one of HUGO BOSS's hydrogenerators, which means I'm in 'shut down' mode, turning on the power as little as possible in order to conserve as much as I can until I'm able to put the working hydro into use.

My easterly route for the short term has proved to be correct with Stamm being overtaken by the ridge of high pressure and having to turn to follow my route. My plan is still the same, try and hook up with Hurricane Claudia and head SE as quick as possible. The weather models are in agreement on the whole but some details are not the same and so I have to keep a careful eye on proceedings and adjust my course accordingly.

Overnight I have had very stable winds from the NE and it continues this morning with relatively flat water. Despite losing miles to the leaders I welcome the chance to go on deck without full wet weather gear, do my checks and hopefully get some repairs done today. I would like to try and get some laminate on the rudder cassette today but currently I have some rain so will have to wait until it is dry.

I finally feel like normal again after getting a lot of rest over the last few days and managing to eat more than normal. However, I need to take the opportunity while the conditions are benign to get on with the all the repair jobs that still need to be done.

I will try to tweet when possible, so follow @AlexThomson99 for updates.