27/12/2012 11:41 GMT | Updated 26/02/2013 05:12 GMT

The Holidays on HUGO BOSS

The wind over Christmas day eased down and allowed me to catch up on some much needed rest as the previous 24 hours had been hard work with many sail changes and reefs in and out. I expected the wind to be stable but it was fluctuating from 22-40 knots, not aggressively but still kept me on my toes.

When the wind dropped it also shifted towards the west and I gybed and went south east. The shift did not stay as long as expected so i did not get as far as I would have liked but it won't affect my route to the next gate too much. It also meant that I could not get much time on the hydro generator on that side but that can't be helped. I currently have 20 knots from the WNW which will build and I am a straight line on port gybe all the way to the next gate. I have not decided exactly where to cross the gate but it will coincide with the next shift to the west hopefully

Weather out here is dense fog and a disturbed sea but as long as I have wind I don't give a monkeys!

I opened all my presents, some very practical, some as useful as a chocolate fireguard and most full of sugar. I don't have much sweet stuff onboard so am not used to the sugar rush which I am currently experiencing!

I managed to have a quick chat with my wife and my Dad on xmas day which was nice.

Last night was another fast night for me with 24-29 knots of wind from the WNW with an awkward seaway. I was slowed temporarily when I had to do a minor repair to one of the sails but overall it has been a good night. Conditions don't allow for any work on the hydros but I haven't had much time anyway. To be honest it does not look like there will be many lighter wind days all the way to Cape Horn but cant really complain at that!

Plan is to get up to this ice gate precisely when the wind shifts to the west and gybe over and make some ground to the southeast before gybing again and heading for the next gate which is a little further south than this one. First gybe will probably be around 2200 tonight.