Southern Ocean

A crew of scientists on a mission for Greenpeace have surfaced with astounding first-ever photos from the depths of the Antarctic
'It is an obscene cruelty in the name of science that must end.'
A Japanese whaling fleet has returned to port after killing more than 300 minke whales in its annual Antarctic hunt.  The
Scientists have discovered that something pretty remarkable is happening over in the Southern Ocean. Despite fears that its
I opened all my presents, some very practical, some as useful as a chocolate fireguard and most full of sugar. I don't have much sweet stuff onboard so am not used to the sugar rush which I am currently experiencing!
Today has been another day of hyrdogenerator repairs so far. I thought I had fixed it yesterday but it looks like there are still some issues and they are not charging meaning my communications are limited today as I try to conserve power.
It's a matter of record that Scott and his men were not the first to reach the pole. But arguably, his was a far greater 'reward' - an incredible legacy of science and conservation which has endured and flourished for a century.