04/12/2012 06:22 GMT | Updated 02/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Week 4 of The Vendee Globe - Entering The Indian Ocean

It got light at 3am this morning, it was great to see some blue sky and the see the sun rising. Right now I have 15 knots of wind from the South West, due to go round to the West and increase this afternoon. The sea is pretty bumpy and a little confused but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. With the bumps and the heel yesterday it was very difficult to type a tweet let alone write an update, but I tried my best!

Everything is all good on-board HUGO BOSS today, apart from my hydro which is playing up again. I got the damaged one working in the end, and now it is the port hydro that is giving me grief. I am getting pretty annoyed with it now, and will have to take the opportunity of a slight slow down today to get it working again properly. Last night I had to charge it using the main engine which used up more of precious fuel on-board, but there was a benefit in that it kept the cabin warm all night!

At the moment in the race, the rich are getting richer, the guys ahead of me are extending as I am from the guys behind. Once we all get into the same weather, we will go the same speed until the 7th when the leaders and I will run into a high pressure, slow up and the fleet will compress again. It is like we are attached by a piece of bungee!

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