Indian Ocean

In its depiction of Desi millenials looking for love, Netflix refuses to call out racism, colourism and classism, Dan Hastings writes.
The 44-year-old from Scotland was on a family holiday when he went missing.
A ship carrying submarines that will transport British scientists to the unexplored depths of the Indian Ocean is preparing to set sail from a German port, at the start of a three-year mission to unlock the secrets of one of the world's last great frontiers.
There are hundreds of whales swimming through the waters close to Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Tourists are arriving in droves, keen to swim with them, but some are getting too close for comfort. A mother whale hit a swimmer with her fins when he got too close. Local marine conservationists are trying to educate the visitors on how to enjoy the whales without causing them distress.
Rescue teams have successfully rescued a stranded sailor who had severely injured his back in an accident that left his yacht damaged. Abhilash Tomy, an Indian Navy commander, was competing in a round-the-world yacht race when a storm battered his boat.
Has the world's greatest aviation mystery finally been solved?