11/03/2016 05:52 GMT | Updated 11/03/2017 05:12 GMT

Many Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is such a wonderful way to maintain your pregnancy fitness. It has all the advantages of stretching with the added bonus of calming the mind and preparing your body for labour. The breathing techniques you practise during a prenatal yoga session are hugely beneficial when it comes to giving birth and you'll be glad of the improvements to your strength and flexibility as well.


Yoga in pregnancy promotes health and well-being, is great for alleviating stress and tension, improves your circulation and releases endorphins to make you feel good too!

Studies have shown that women who practise yoga during pregnancy are less likely to develop high blood pressure or go into premature labour. Many 'asanas' will help create more space in your pelvis for your baby and can help ease back pain and there are a number of poses that can assist or even speed up labour, easing your baby's entry into the world. Breathing techniques can also be invaluable during labour, helping you to relax and manage pain.

You don't need any special equipment -although wearing a supportive pregnancy yoga top will help improve your posture and maternity leggings that stretch as you stretch and cover your bump will be more comfortable.

Yoga is also extremely helpful when you are feeling uncomfortable especially for many minor discomforts that are often dismissed as 'something to put up with'. If you can ease these with yoga poses it is worth giving a go!

Childs pose to help back pain

A relaxing pose that takes the weight of your baby of your spine and increases mobility of your pelvic joints!


Eagle pose to help with stiff upper back

Fantastic for releasing tension between your shoulder blades and upper back - growing pregnancy boobs can make your shoulders stiff and achy.


Cow Pose to help with heart burn

This will create space in your diaphragm which eases the pressure on your stomach which exacerbates heart burn especially in the third trimester as your baby gets much bigger quickly. It's also great for reliving tension in your upper back and shoulders.


Tailor Sitting pose to prepare for labour

A simple pose that increases the mobility of your joint, relaxes your pelvic floor and improves circulation!