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Day 12 Of The 12 Days Of Christmas Dieting


So here it is, the very last installment of my Christmas dieting series. So far, I've covered a multitude of different aspects to consider; energy in vs energy out, food avoidance tactics, behavioural modification, motivations, training aspects, fitness levels. I've pretty much covered every aspect of staying lean and getting fitter and healthier. Let's try and put it all together.

Day 12: theory over, time for action

There are lots of tips and tricks that one can use to try to help you stay fit and healthy over the Christmas period. Like many other 'tricks' that's what they are, tricks. The real trick is the total lifestyle change. Many, if not all of you, tend to prioritise lifes' tasks wrongly.

You would never not work. You'd never compromise your children's happiness. You want the big house. You want the best car. You'd never intentionally waste money. However, non of those things matter nor can be achieved if your body doesn't work. You get one body to travel around the sun as many times as possible. If you could see the damage that was caused by not looking after your body properly I think you'd feel differently about the way you prioritise life's tasks.

Much like regular maintenance on your car, your body needs regular maintenance too. It needs the correct fuels, regular use and proper rest. If you put poor fuels and and don't use your body it will start to perform worse and worse. If your body is running poorly then your mind will run poorly. If your body and mind don't function as they should then the other tasks like work and looking after children are also affected. Long term your body shuts down. Not so low on the list of priorities now...

So let's get these things up on the list.

• Buy proper whole foods and prepare meals for you and the family that are balanced and healthy. Look for a daily ratio of 30% protein 50% carbohydrate (from complex sources) and 20% from healthy fats.

• Eat 4-5 times per day

• Reduce alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

• Go to bed at 10-1030pm

• Sleep for minimum 7 hours

• Exercise intensely three times per week

• Involve activity 4-6 times per week that elevates your breathing

• Stay flexible and maintain good posture

• Laugh as much as possible

This list is not exhaustive, but how many of them do you do? The last one is my favourite and probably the most important. Being healthy is not about constant sacrifice. It's about moderation and self respect. Understand that being healthy is a state of mind not a diet.

Now you have my 12 days of Christmas dieting. They're not exclusively for Christmas it's just a good time to think about it and implement it for the new year. Good luck and as always if you have any questions you can contact me via my website.

Keep on lifitn' Ali 'Fat Al' Stewart

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