24/10/2013 06:29 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Creating Space to Be Inspired

Inspiration is a mythical beast isn't it! We can search for decades to find it, trolling our inner depths and taking on massive outward adventure. It can be as elusive as a once trodden upon grass snake. Then it hits. Right when you aren't looking for it. Right when you probably wanted to do something else.

I have just been hit by the inspiration bolt and it was when I was taking some quiet time. Time just for me and my family. I had reorganised my priorities and decided to be not quite so prolific with my articles...

Now as a spiritual gal I know that freeing up space in life can be super powerful. You make a hole and life always comes in to fill it. Always. In the recent past I ran an online forum and magazine called Soul-Cafe. When I became pregnant I knew I had to close it down, my intuition was screaming to close it down, I was already busy writing a book about my pregnancy (Dear Poppyseed), and of course carrying baby. I felt literally and metaphorically heavy with a feeling that something else was round the corner, and that I had to make space. I presumed that the something else, was baby, of course I did. It turned out the something else was being a star of a docuseries about pregnancy - to be aired worldwide next year. Within a week of closing Soul-Cafe I had producers getting in contact with me, and as if from nowhere that opportunity materialised.

So when I decided to reign in my writing ways I again presumed it was so I could focus on family matters. Yet the universe in all it's wisdom is clearly happy with the time I give to my family and has other ideas for me. Within a few days of my self proclaimed period of less writing, I had the idea for my fourth book come to me. Not just a book but the whole she-bang of spiritual loveliness that surrounds it. I became inspired and energised and invigorated by this new idea. It was like I had been stumbling around in the dark, chasing flits of butterfly light, getting nowhere, and then bam, the sun rises and inspiration takes over. Just like that. So now I have a new mission and it feels so right. I shan't share quite yet, as I'm just getting myself cosy in it, but I will say I am excited!

If you are currently chasing around after your inspiration I suggest you try the following. Stop. Just stop. Take a breath then take a look at your life. What can you afford to lose? What isn't working for you anymore? What changes can you make to free up space? Then go ahead and drop some stuff. Give yourself more time. Don't set the intent to be inspired, just make space in your life for new things to rush in, and don't try to predict what they might be. Inspiration requires the perfect conditions. So make them through slowing down and stopping to smell the flowers. Cleanse your pace, change your focus, stop doing the things that simply aren't working for you. When inspiration and opportunity do turn up, say a big thankyou and trust that they were always there, waiting, not for you to think them up, but for you to be ready. Inspiration is not something you plan, it is something that comes. All you can do is prepare your life and be ready.