30/12/2013 07:50 GMT | Updated 28/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Spiritualise Your Resolutions in 2014 - Seven Spiritual New Year Resolution Solutions

Traditionally resolutions are all about trying to control your life through making stringent and unforgiving changes to your existence. My spiritual approach finds that doing the opposite, giving up control, is far more powerful in making lasting and meaningful change. When we stop trying to fit into a 'perfect' idea of who we are, we make time, space and energy for our true best self to find its way out.

Here are my seven spiritual resolution solutions that will help transform your life in powerful ways, without doing anything other than changing how you think, having some faith and being open to change that comes naturally and as if by magic. Each resolution leads nicely onto the next. So when you have each one sussed, move on and then enjoy the power of true, heartfelt, soul shaking resolution.

1) Change nothing but accept everything. Know that your life is perfect as it is, in all its chaotic craziness. In accepting where we are, we give up the fight to force change to happen. In releasing that fight we allow ourselves to go with the flow of our lives, and good stuff rushes into the magnificent spaces that we have opened up by choosing not to be in control.

2) Trust that in ceasing to "force change to happen", life will continue to progress. Perhaps not as we expected or desired, but possibly in more intriguing and exciting ways. Trust that we don't always need to be in the driving seat, and that a more powerful, subtle and beautiful energy can sweep us up and take us forward. Have faith that you are a part of the energetic fabulousness and that the universe is just waiting for you to give over to its mysterious ways.

3) Resolve to surrender to whatever comes next. Give yourself some time off being captain of the ship and let the wind blow you where it will. Understand that your mind controls nothing, not really. Surrendering any residual attempts at control will show you in magical ways that you are more supported and loved than you realised. It's scary, but it is an enactment of adventure and miracle in the boundless confines of your lovely little life. Surrender to the idea that anything can happen. And then let it.

4) Resolve to keep an eye open to synchronicity, or as I like to call it, non-coincidence. When mystery meets your mundane don't write it off as a happy accident, and instead embrace the idea that a spiritual world is buoying you up, sending opportunity your way and creating wonderful meetings to help nudge you in your perfect direction. Meet these non-coincidences with reverence and joy, expect to learn, to grow and to change naturally.

5) Decide to welcome miracles. Make a conscious choice to open your mind, heart and life to some wicked awesomeness happening. Believe it when it happens. Ask for it to happen if you wish, send a little mental note to the universe declaring your faith and letting the 'powers that be' know you are expectantly waiting for something to affirm your faith. When your faith is affirmed, know that the journey of a lifetime is starting.

6) Try starting a new habit instead of stopping an old one and see what happens. Don't even bother with resolutions related to diet, exercise or changing the bad habits of a lifetime. Instead find ways to feed your soul, read powerful books, be in nature, pray, dance, make an altar to whatever you choose to believe in, whisper your positive intent to the moon. Watch your unhappiness drift away as you embrace a higher power and start to feel connected to your true existence.

7) Resolve to believe that a higher power resides in you, around you and in all that come your way. Then choose to love and forgive and be kind in ways previously uncharted. Exist in a pool of love that you share willingly. Believe that your heart, your love and your goodness can ripple out and change the world.

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