23/05/2013 06:34 BST | Updated 22/07/2013 06:12 BST

The Woolwich Murders and the Far Right

What has happened in Woolwich is unbelievable. A British soldier brutally murdered in broad daylight. The attackers then calmly stand and wait for the police before apparently getting what they so desperately long for-martyrdom. The idiotic belief that their barbaric actions will ensure them a place in the afterlife!

One attacker even takes the time to explain on camera why they did what they did.

He says "They are killing people in our lands" what the hell does he mean by that ? he sounds British to me, this is his land.

Are we surprised this has happened.

For years we have allowed radical preachers free rein to preach their hatred and Jihad in Britain's mosques. To many times the Muslim community has asked for help in stopping these preachers and the authorities, MPs and police refused to get involved.

The total denial that multiculturalism can and does bring bad aspects has all too long been ignored. We have to draw the line!

Multiculturalism up to a point is a good thing, but we have to be vocal and demand that we will not tolerate Stone Age beliefs or medieval practices because it is someone else's culture. Backward cultural practices need stamped out. This does not make us racist for doing so.

The far right is going to love this latest atrocity. They relish news like this to stir up distrust and support for their backward agenda. They don't mind that atrocities like this are happening on a daily basis all over the world.

Usually in the name of the some great loving god!

Nationalism would have us turn our back and be blind to human beings being slaughtered or abused in Islamic countries [usually in the name of Islam].

They don't care that millions of women are leading sad and miserable lives.

Their only concern is for their own little patch of this small planet. To me this is the real evil behind nationalism.

It's the selfishness that I find unpalatable.

Multiculturalism is partly responsible for this latest atrocity in Woolwich, but that doesn't mean that multiculturalism is all bad and should be done away with. It just means that we have [as a society] to be more selective of what parts of multiculturalism is acceptable in a progressive and modern world.

If we don't face up to the inherent and very real dangers that come hand in hand with untethered multiculturalism we will see more attacks like this and more innocent people will lose their lives.