01/11/2016 06:55 GMT | Updated 29/10/2017 05:12 GMT

Make The Most Of Your Regrets

"If only..." Do you ever wish you had done things differently? Opportunities you wanted to take but didn't? Did things, you shouldn't have? Actually, what do you regret more, the things you've done or not done?

Regret is a waste of emotion and energy. As you know, there's no use crying over spilled milk. But if you don't recognise the importance of the spilled milk, you may just end up spilling more again. So, what to do, to regret or not to regret? Well, rather than forget your regrets, leverage your regrets to your advantage.


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3 Steps to Leverage your Regrets

Step 1: Be Kind To Yourself. Dwelling on past regrets doesn't help anyone, especially not you, nor does it change what happened. Understand: There's benefit in everything and everything happens for a reason. Accept the past and forgive yourself. Forgive yourself and you'll be much happier.

Step 2: Learn From Your Regrets. Look at your regrets and ask yourself: What could I have done differently? What can I learn from this experience? Did I gain something new, a skill, a friend, an opportunity, resilience, confidence? What do I know now that I didn't before?

Step 3: Fix Things. To get the best out of your regrets, harness the lessons learnt to make amends. Do what you have to do to fix things. Then ask yourself: What improvements will get better results in the future? Make positive changes to do things better and to be a better you. Release the regret and move on.

3 Ways to Keep Regret at Bay

1. Are You Living Life On Autopilot? Think Before You Act. When our buttons are pressed, we often react and then regret later. Turn off your autopilot and take a moment to determine the best response. Whether it's a difficult interaction or an email, respond thoughtfully and you'll make the situation better and come out better off.

2. Are You Living Distractedly? Live In The Present. When we're distracted, we're missing out on all the little moments. Especially when you're with others, whether you're sharing a meal, a walk, a coffee, put your phone away and be fully present. Do this and you'll keep regret out of your life and make the most of the present.

3. Are You Living The Life You Want? Live Purposefully. If you really want to live with no regrets, don't play it safe, take life by the reins and do what you love. At the start of each day, ask yourself: What is my purpose in life today? Reconnect with your purpose everyday and you'll love what you do and make each day count.