17/02/2016 11:07 GMT | Updated 17/02/2017 05:12 GMT

We Seriously Need to Stop Bashing Celebrity Baby Names

I don't have a child but I plan to and I imagine a fair majority of those nine months while I wait to meet my little one will be spent deciding on a baby name.

I imagine I'll look for inspiration online, in books, from friends and anywhere I can find it.

And when I do finally decide on a name, a name that my child will have for the rest of their life, I know it will be a well thought-out decision.

People will have their own opinions on it, but do you know why I'm lucky? Because I'm not a celebrity.

Whatever name I choose, it won't be plastered over the press being criticised, trending on Twitter or made out to be a ridiculous, joke decision.

Sadly, the same can't be said for the majority of celebs when telling the world what they've called their tot.

Every time a name is announced, in that moment of sheer pride and joy, people will always have something to say about it. Always.

If it's odd, they'll criticise it. If it's too plain, they'll criticise it. If it's common, well I have no doubt they'll slam it for being boring.

Yesterday, Tom and Giovanna Fletcher announced the birth of their second son - Buddy Bob. They are already parents to two-year-old Buzz.

They've been excitedly waiting nine months to meet their newborn, documenting pregnancy milestones and scans on social media, and what do they get when they proudly make the announcement? Ridicule.

Within minutes, people on Twitter were taking the piss out of the name.

"Why the f*** would you call your child Buddy Bob," one person wrote.

And there's a lot more where that came from.

"I feel so bad for Tom Fletcher's kids. They're gonna get slaughtered at school for their names LOL."

"First Buzz Michelangelo and now Buddy Bob... Tom Fletcher really knows how to give his kids those weird names - they sound like a pair of mutts."

"His name is Buddy Bob Fletcher... I'm going to cry in horror."

Add in some jokes about Bob the Builder, the boy being bullied and the name sounding like a kids' TV character and that pretty much sums up the reaction.

So tell me, where does this urge to publicly laugh and joke about a name given to a newborn baby come from?

What a celebrity calls their baby makes no impact whatsoever to anyone's lives - you don't even have to say the name out loud because you don't know the baby, you're never going to have to call him, you're not friends with the celeb couple - so who the hell cares?

I have no doubt that Tom and Giovanna spent months deciding what they'd call their second baby boy so, opinions aside, who are we to judge?

In the past couple of months, things have been very much the same.

When Wayne and Coleen Rooney announced they'd called their third son Kit, they were met with unimpressive jokes about a football kit and whether they'd jokingly named their baby after a car in Knight Rider.

When Sam Faiers announced she'd called her son Paul Tony after his dad, guess what? People took the piss. They said it was "boring" and an "old man's name".

Celebrities just can't win. Whatever they call their babies, they'll face a backlash.

So if you have any sense of compassion towards these celebs who are no doubt on top of the world after welcoming their newborn, you'll leave your unwanted and meaningless comments aside.