From Your Heart, Sing

Great Art is born for the benefit of all Humanity from the Universal Spirit of Love

Ana's Thought: "Great Art is born for the benefit of all Humanity from the Universal Spirit of Love."

Earlier this month, I was honoured to host a reception for the 57th UN Commission on the Status of Women at my Gallery in New York. So many bright minds and giving hearts converged for a night brimming with genuine hope, marked by the opening of critical dialogue about the sanctity of women's rights. A collection of my portraits capturing the struggles and triumphs of real women and girls around the world served as witness to the work of devoted stewards - those gracious individuals who are bringing us all into light. Such dedicated souls united out of love for their fellow denizens of this beautiful Earth, true delegates of global Love & Peace. I extend my most sincere thanks to UN Women, Roz Abrams, Don McPherson, Linda Fairstein, and all CSW participants - you have brought me and so many others joy.

There is one particular aspect of UN Women's efforts that has resonated deeply within me. In celebration of International Women's Day, the organization released a touching video for a song entitled "One Woman." Performed by dozens of talented female musicians from lands near and far, the song is a rallying cry, a glimpse of how divinity touches us when we are bound by the collaboration of our souls. The song has since spread from heart to heart, leaping over borders and all of the things that struggle to separate us, lifted by the immense power of universal truth.

"One Woman" is a precious gift: to young girls, it provides the spirit by which their potential will blossom, and to women, it is a poignant reminder of how none of us suffer alone. To all people, it showcases the fantastic ability of creative pursuits to draw awareness to life's most important matters; one cannot turn a blind eye to such striking and stirring force. The artists who contributed are unique and irreplaceable pieces of our world, a world in dire need of their genius and generosity - just as we all are so needed.

March is Women's History Month. Before the calendar page turns, I encourage all to search within themselves to discover how their talents and interests can serve those whose will has been snatched away. Through innovation and drive, we will see the day in which all can live free of darkness and fear, blooming with their faces to the sun. And when you are moved by the progress you've made in a changed world around you, sing from your heart - you will find that you are in harmony with creation and at peace with your soul.


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