Make Every Day Valentine's Day

Make Every Day Valentine's Day

Ana's Thought: "Artist, Love is your Deepest feeling - let it fill your Soul with Sunlight."

Do you recall how it feels when love's first blush takes hold of your heart?

All things are overcome with warmth and light. You are as buoyant as a feather whisked off by the breeze. Your vision is shaded in the most radiant hues, touched by a divine palette. It is enough to transform any soul into a poet or painter!

It is possible to make those feelings linger, to wake up enamored with each day as it blossoms before your eyes. Cast your net wide, for you must come to view the whole world as your true sweetheart! It is a polished diamond that catches the sun's rays at dawn to illuminate a new facet of its beauteous face.

Do not bury your joy - sing love songs to the trees and rivers that they may unfurl and dance before you! Spend a romantic evening in the company of the moon and stars! And let every stranger feel the warmth emitted from your soul, besotted with pure beauty.

We derive inspiration from those who made their living from love. Pablo Neruda penned line after line with love as his muse, words poured straight from his heart into those of his readers. His love was universal - at times strongly intimate and, at others, an awestruck offering to the whole of nature. Gustav Klimt draped his lovers in gold and gem, dazzling to the eye. Delicate and sensual, his paintings were exquisite studies from a man enamored with beauty. We are all capable of being moved by the transforming power of love. What can you create as a unique gift for our magnificent Earth and for those whom you keep close to your heart?

Do your best to steer away from the belief that your life is dull routine - you are alive, and that blessing of existence consecrates each day as a holiday. If you wake up in love every morning, you will find that each day is its own special Valentine's Day. Every kind act you show to others is a rose for your Life's bouquet. Let the words you speak show the world that you are an ambassador of Love and Peace, and trust that fantastic things will bloom from your efforts.

Try to be a "Love Germ," spreading your joy through smiles, flowers, songs, words of approval and praise, or friendly calls to the lonely. You'll see that your positivity is contagious, and it is you who will be blessed!


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