22/05/2015 08:29 BST | Updated 21/05/2016 06:59 BST

Pregnant? Don't Conform to Pressure

Lorraine Kelly recently praised high street fashion retailers for making better maternity clothes in the wake of the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancies.

And with pregnant celebrities being snapped and taking their own selfies for all to see on social media, there's never been so many maternity styles to choose from.

But with this new found fashion and celebs looking so great during those nine months, is there an added pressure on pregnant woman to make sure they look tip top every time they step out the house?

You'll know how I feel about wearing your boyfriend's trackies during pregnancy and I still stand by my 'if you look good, you'll feel good,' statement.

But, like in any part of life, how far is too far?

Are we being influenced by fashions that we wouldn't normally touch as a result of feeling vulnerable (pregnancy does that) and a society that is praising certain styles just because they look good on pregnant celebrities and Kate Middleton.

Do we really want that bodycon dress, that we'd never have even looked at pre-bump because it's hot maternity fashion property thanks to Abbey Clancey, or go dotty for Kate Middleton's polka dots because the media went mad for their maternity style?

When I was six months pregnant and looking for a suitably fashionable outfit for a hen night in a bar, I realised - after a lot of tears (it was the hormones, honest) - that sometimes it's best to just stick to what's always suited me and made me feel like a princess. When I found the perfect style Kate Middleton had nothing on me.

Here's my five trends, each with pros and cons.

1. The maternity jumpsuit

I've never been a huge fan of this trend anyway - wearing this on a night out made me feel like I was dressed in a posh onesie. However, this 70s revival did seem like a good option for a bump and I've seen a good few that look great on others! Buying one loose enough - not a tent ladies - meant I didn't stand out as the big pregnant gal in the bar.

However, when trying one on, I realised that just because I had a bump, it didn't change the fact that these just didn't suit me, pregnant or not. Add in a pair of flats and I felt like I was going out in my PJs and slippers.

2. The playsuit

It's funny because although this is the shorter cousin of the jumpsuit I had never felt like I was wearing my PJs in one of these. In fact, pre-bump days these had been my staple choice for a festival. However any playsuit fan will know that it's not quick to get these off when you need the little girl's room. Being pregnant and needing to wee every 5 minutes meant I ran the risk of recreating those festival days and erm, not making it in time. In my defence there had been long loo queues and too much beer...

3. The maxi dress

One of my fave trends, I was never without a maxi dress and I'd bought quite a few during my pregnancy. Opting for a black number with some carefully chosen accessories made perfect sense for the hen soiree. However, given the blinged up nature of the bar I was attending, this just felt slightly underwhelming.

4. The trendy tee and leather look trousers

I'd always loved the oversized tee and leather look trouser trend - it made me feel young(er) in bars where the DJ wished drunken teens happy 18th birthdays. However on trying on those elasticated over bump maternity PVC trousers I felt more Kat Slater than Kim Kardashian. Oh, and they bagged at the knees.

5. The maternity little black dress

We've all got that trusty little black dress that we roll out when there's a last minute event. It's a staple part of any gal's wardrobe. And there's huge amount to choose from in the maternity fashion world from the adventurous bodycon, which really shows off your bump (there wouldn't have been any confusion as to whether I was pregnant whilst wearing this), to lovely loose chiffon numbers.

And it was the latter that I chose for the hen. It skimmed my bump nicely and in the darkness of the bar didn't make me stand out as the 'pregnant woman' who had to be avoided on the dance floor in case, a) My waters broke, b) They accidentally bumped me.

So while there are a huge range of trends in today's maternity fashion market, just like any mainstream style there are just some things that don't suit us no matter how good (or bad) they look on a celeb (sheer bodycon dresses Rita Ora style, need I say more?).

So instead of feeling pressure to conform to celebrity trends embrace your bump in your own true style.