18/06/2015 05:01 BST | Updated 17/06/2016 06:59 BST

Labour Must Speak to Every Corner of the Country If We Are to Win Again

The most important thing about last night's debate was to start reaching out again to potential Labour voters.

We need to speak to people in every corner of the country if we are to win again.

And the real victory of last night was in taking one small step in a long road of speaking to people in the north, east, south and west of the United Kingdom.

I believe I achieved that.

There were some tough questions.

I did not expect anything less.

And just as important as speaking to people across all of our nations was to answer these questions in a straightforward fashion.

People want plain speaking.

I deliver that.

I believe I did last night.

On immigration I recognised things need to change.

Of course people want proper controls.

But as I said, my dad went to work abroad when he could not find a job in Britain so we cannot have a blanket opposition to the movement of labour.

On housing, I spoke up about the need to make sure a home of their own is not an impossible dream for young people.

On jobs, I made clear we need to do more to create skilled jobs and start to value technical as well as academic educations.

Most of all, in my opening statement, I made clear that I care about Britain, about all its nations and regions.

I believe I am the candidate who can break out of the Westminster bubble and talk direct to the country, the whole country.

And I will do it with a simple message at its heart.

Labour needs to be the Party that helps everyone get on in life.

The fact is that the hopes of people at all levels of society are pretty much the same: a secure job; a decent home; a good standard of living; prospects for their kids; and proper care for their parents.

But the reality of life in 21st century Britain is that, for far too many people, these dreams are dying.

Labour's modern mission must be to revive them.

We need to select a Leader who can change our Party so that we can win in 2020 and change Britain.

We need a Leader who can convince voters that competence and compassion can go hand in hand.

We need to select someone whose voice will carry into every nation and region of our country.

I believe I am that leader. I hope you will support me.