andy burnham

The Labour mayor called for a major change in the wake of the infected blood scandal.
Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham describes Azhar Ali as "a powerful champion for Rochdale" on the free mailshots.
The former prime minister said the decision to axe the Manchester leg of the line was "the wrong one".
The prime minister has spent the day refusing to say whether the Birmingham to Manchester leg of the project will be axed.
The Manchester mayor said the government will create a "north-south chasm" if HS2 stops at Birmingham.
The Greater Manchester mayor said: “All that I’d say is leave me alone.”
The mayor's colleagues distanced themselves from his call for a northern "Barnett Formula".
Labour's deputy leader's DJ set won over the public (unlike Hancock's recent karaoke attempt).
"We've been waiting for jam tomorrow for decades now, and it hasn't come."
Labour activists are expected to vote in favour of dumping first past the post at their annual conference.