01/10/2013 04:32 BST | Updated 30/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Why I Welcome the UK Announcement for the Global Fund

There was some good news last week as the government has announced it will significantly increase its support for the Global Fund over the next three years - subject to other countries following its lead. The UK is doing sterling work to champion the fight against three of the world's biggest, preventable killer diseases - Aids, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. This support will enable hundreds of millions of lives to be transformed and help give families, communities and entire countries the chance to thrive and reach their potential.

As a leadership council member for Malaria No More UK, I've followed the malaria fight pretty closely over the last four years since the charity launched. It's an inspiring cause that grabbed my attention - malaria is one of the world's oldest diseases, it's also one we have the power to end - it's a winnable battle.

Being a part of the movement to make malaria no more gives me a great deal of perspective: It costs less than a pack of tennis balls to save the life of a child from malaria, yet a boy or girl still dies every single minute.

Just think, if over 1,500 children were losing their lives every day at home from a disease that's easy to prevent and treat, there would be an uproar...

I'm proud to see that the UK is stepping up its support to defeat these diseases and we're not alone, it's a worldwide effort. The Global Fund makes our money go further, for every £1 of UK support they receive, they aim to secure a further £9 from other donors. Funding channelled through the Global Fund has already helped to save almost nine million lives since it was set up in 2002.

I believe the UK's support is the right thing, but also a smart thing. Malaria, Aids and TB can have a devastating impact - keeping families trapped in poverty, too ill to work or learn and unable to plan for their future. As these diseases loosen their grip on the lives and livelihoods of men, women and children across Africa, people, businesses and economies will be healthier, stronger and have a fighting chance to succeed.

Like anything worthwhile, ending deaths from preventable diseases like malaria is a long-term, hard fought fight, but one that can be won together.

Check out this video about why now is our time to make a difference.