10/06/2013 11:05 BST | Updated 10/08/2013 06:12 BST

New Bronze Hot Dog Skylander Unboxed for Swap Force at E3


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As E3 opens its doors in LA, the yearly video-game show is garnering plenty of excitement among gamers young and old. While many core players will be excited about what new games appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 during the three day event, youngsters will be keeping an eye on the Activision and Disney Interactive booths to see which new Skylanders and Disney Infinity characters are unveiled.

In advance of seeing Skylanders Swap Force at the show I got my hands on a limited edition Bronze Hot Dog figure. This is the character that Activision will be giving away on their stand to media. Being so limited in number, any that (inevitably) hit Ebay will likely hit many hundreds of pounds.

However, rather than keep him in his box I decided to let the kids get to work on unboxing him and seeing how the Bronze version of Hot Dog plays in the game. Although he still looks like the normal Hot Dog character in the game, the novelty of a limited edition Skylander still has not grown old for my family.

As the show doors open on Tuesday it will be interesting to see what news we get around this genre of toys-meet-video-games. My hope is that with Disney Infinity stepping up as a big competitor to Skylanders Swap Force at E3, we'll see both companies driven to new innovation and greater value over the coming months.

I'll have more posts from E3 for you soon, and videos in my E3 playlist.