22/04/2016 07:59 BST | Updated 23/04/2017 06:12 BST

April Showers - It's Not Just Grey Skies - It's Music

A quote on the NHS website, reads...

"Music therapy is a psychological therapy that aims to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through the engagement in live musical interaction."

I have used music therapy as an integral part of my Babyopathy and Nascuropathy programmes in my nurseries for many years now. Whilst specific styles of music are used for different aspects of the babies and children's routines the range within these styles can be varied to also incorporate the time of year or season.

As we are currently being blessed with some 'April showers' I thought I would introduce you to the benefits of something that we 'hear' a lot of in the UK and that is rain!

Why is listening to rain beneficial?

Many people associate the rain with grey clouds and therefore something miserable and depressing but it is far from it!

Rain is water and water gives life to everything on this planet including us. It waters our gardens, it nourishes our food sources and it plays its part in giving us oxygen! Rain is more than just water droplets giving life though, it creates sound....

Rainfall is one of nature's musical instruments and it is practically a whole orchestra on its own! Every object rain falls on creates a different sound, and you could travel the world and listen to the rain and hear a different soundtrack every time. Quite often rain can be accompanied by thunder or wind which brings in a completely new sound and children should be encouraged to listen to 'nature's soundtrack' rather be made to feel frightened of it.

In its basic form, rain is like 'white noise' and this can help with concentration whether you are reading, trying to write or work and even to go to sleep as it allows your mind to 'focus' on nothing.

When to use 'April Showers' Sounds

Within my nurseries we use nature sounds in all of our sleep rooms from babies sleeping in their cots to the pre-school children just needing a little relaxation time. Using rainfall for babies is a fabulous way to 'set the scene' whenever you want your baby to sleep. Using the same music, the same aromatherapy and same physical routine for every sleep or bedtime is the best way to ensure that your baby settles in to a routine that is beneficial to both their health and wellbeing and yours!

Other times when listening to rainfall is beneficial:

  • Listening to the sound of rain is a fantastic background track for children who need to study (much better than any heavy pop culture music that is distracting)
  • Have a project you need to finish for work? Rainfall will help you concentrate.
  • Do you just need a mental 'time-out' and think of nothing for a while - listen to some April Showers rainfall and just close your eyes or read a book.
  • Find you have insomnia and can't sleep - you know what I am going to say....

So next time the sky starts to go grey don't think it is all doom and gloom and depressing - smile, make a hot drink and take a few minutes to get some free music therapy!