Staff saw children returning to nursery in wellies despite the summer heat, complaining of hunger and suffering anxiety from being outside again.
Dear Mr Goodwill MP Last week, as I watched the debate on 30 hours "free childcare" initiated by Ruth George MP sitting on
This September, working parents who earn less than £100,000 per year each will be eligible for 30 hours free childcare for three and four year olds - double the 15 hours they are currently entitled to.
Here is my dilemma. I am somewhat overprotective. With this in mind, the fact that there are videos and news articles about children who get abused or neglected while in a childcare environment, how can you be sure your child is safe?
I don't talk often about my experiences of balancing a career in the music industry with being a parent - it is something I, alongside thousands of others, just get on and do. But my start to parenthood was perhaps tougher than many - my partner left me whilst I was pregnant and my twins were born two months premature.
In my book, Babyopathy - baby care the natural way, I demonstrate the difference between sensory stimulation which babies need to support brain development and sensory overstimulation which can have a negative impact on:
If the measure of a nation's commitment to fairness is giving every child a chance to realise their potential through education, we are a failing nation. We speak the language of equal opportunity. But we stack the cards against our most disadvantaged kids, setting them up to fail long before they start school. The time has come to level the playing field.
More and more influential people are agreeing with me that it's nurseries, not grammar schools, which hold the key to future social mobility in this country.
Today nurseries are part of the infrastructure of a modern society. We merit the support of a government and politicians who, instead of spending time on their ideological battleground, should be supporting those people trying to run businesses which enable ordinary working families to work.
Those that know me will know I can't resist a Disney connection but sadly this is not a fun filled article, it is a serious one that has huge repercussions for the childcare industry.