01/07/2015 11:27 BST | Updated 01/07/2016 06:59 BST

The Power of Teamwork


You can achieve a lot when all hands are on deck and our journey in the Volvo Ocean Race is proof of the full extent of girl power. However, instead of Scary, Baby, Posh and Ginger, Team SCA has Drivers, Trimmers, a Navigator and a Skipper.

Like any good girl band, Team SCA also relies on the value of teamwork and working together for the best possible outcome. Whether it's a stadium concert or standing on that InPort podium in the Volvo Ocean Race, it is the power of teamwork that enables us to perform at our very best.

And while sailing is definitely our forte, I guess we could make a pretty amazing girl band too...

Our 'Race to Fearless' has been paved with more highs and lows than a Mariah Carey record, but the end result has been the biggest high we could have hoped for.

We have broken boundaries, we have raced more competitively than ever before and we have finally proven our worth. The fear has gone, the insecurities have disappeared and we know we ended the Volvo Ocean Race at the top of our game.


It is strange thinking back to our stopover in Auckland and the apprehension we all had about entering the infamous Southern Ocean. It makes you think about how uncertainty can breed fear and how fear can, and will, hold you back.

This is an issue that our sponsor SCA is addressing with its Bodyform brand's Live Fearless campaign. Bodyform found that up to 69% of British women say fear has prevented them from doing something that they wanted to do, while another one in three believe they are more restricted by their fears than their male counterparts.

In fact, jumping in at the deep end and facing your fears can sometimes be an exciting and exhilarating experience and is definitely something that all of us experienced at some point in the race.

Our biggest fear was being the only all-female team in the 2014/15 series. From day one, we have been working hard to defy any critics who suggested that we couldn't keep up with the male teams.


Rather than dwell on this, we decided to prove them wrong, which has made us stronger as a team as a result. Plus, after coming third in the InPort race series and being the first all-female team in 25 years to win a leg in the race, I think we've changed a lot of opinions too!

Sailing is predominately a male sport, so we hope our journey as an all-female team might inspire women around the world to realise their potential, overcome their fears and chase their own dreams.

So, the lesson we've learnt? Never be restricted by your fears. Seize the day, try something new and strive to live a little more fearlessly - it certainly seemed to work for us!

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