06/05/2016 13:08 BST | Updated 07/05/2017 06:12 BST

Unmeasurable You - SATs for Six Year Olds

Please don't worry if you 'seen' your Grandad last week, not 'saw' him - it depends where you live.

If you gave a 'pretend' instead of a 'present' - that sounds nice.

It's amazing that you only eat sweets on 'specimen' days, and not 'special' ones.

If you were 'hearing' when you collected the books, not 'helpful', that makes perfect sense.

And when the postman 'divided' your package instead of 'delivering' it? That's genius actually.

If you wrote that cows in West Wales eat mud and leaves, as oppose to grains and grass, so what? You were probably not ever going to go in to dairy farming anyway.

If you want the fish to be furry, and the hamster to be spotted - Keep thinking outside the box, it will take you far, I always tell you that.

When the spider had eight legs, and they asked you how many legs two spiders would have, so you drew the other spider complete with eyelashes, hair and glasses - Let's hope your artwork brightens the assessor's day when they're marking your paper.

When they asked you to subtract, and you had forgotten what the word meant - why didn't they just say 'taking away'? - duh!.

When you couldn't read the comprehension fast enough, and then you got bored of trying to read about Venus fly-traps anyway - understandable, sounds dull. Now, if they only could have spoken to you about your love of Roald Dahl literature. Or, to compare and contrast the classic 'Annie' with the new version? We would have had something to work with!

It's never too late to learn. But it might be too early to be tested.

You're six. You're you - and you're unmeasurable.

Anne is a mother of 4 who writes at www.mumming-up.com

Thanks to the brilliant staff at Roath Park Primary School in Cardiff who make learning fun.