The UK government is aiming to increase available testing across the country, after leading medical voices around the world emphasised the importance of tracking the coronavirus outbreak. Here we look at what tests are currently available and why the absence of a vaccine means testing could be vitally important for the recovery of the nation’s health and economy.
Hold on to your hats folks - storm Doris might have blown through but the educational storm is sticking around for some time yet.
Grammar schools are a step backwards in my opinion. They don't improve social mobility, they don't benefit poor kids and they don't value children in the right way for the things that are really important. I hope the government takes off its rose-tinted glasses and sees these plans for what they are, before it's too late.
"If you spell things wrongly and punctuate things incorrectly," my old university lecturer used to say, "people will think
When the spider had eight legs, and they asked you how many legs two spiders would have, so you drew the other spider complete with eyelashes, hair and glasses - Let's hope your artwork brightens the assessor's day when they're marking your paper.
We all had a favourite book as a young child. Many of us remember snuggling up on the carpet, watching our teacher's animated
I can hear the intakes of breath and the silent shaking of heads. I know, I know. I'm an idiot. Anyhow, I realised the blindingly obvious fact that even if you've only been with a few people, you don't know their histories, and it only takes one person, with something, to pass it on to you.
How I hate the phrase "driving up standards". Every time I hear it, I see primary-age schoolchildren, bent low and sweating over heavy oars, struggling to propel the great ship of education towards some distant, hazy destination that their elders and betters have deemed they must aim for.
Are you guilty of harking back to ye olde times when O-levels were easier than GCSEs? Well why not put your beliefs to the
The five things you need to know on Wednesday 17 July 2013... 1) ARMS FOR DICTATORS From the Independent's splash: "The Government
Soaring numbers of pupils are being entered for a qualification that is often seen as a tougher alternative to GCSEs, new