18/06/2014 13:41 BST | Updated 18/08/2014 06:59 BST

Seven Things Happy People Do Differently

I used to genuinely believe that being happy came from having money, being slim, being in love, but I found out that was SO not the case.

Happy people are not always free of doubt, on the contrary, as they do not claim to be perfect, but here's the thing they have a different mindset to other people.

Here are seven things that happy people do differently.

1. Happy people are passionate. They are passionate enough about their ideas to take risks, to walk through their fears, make that terrifying phone call, stand up for their beliefs. They trust their gut and go for it. Happy people know passion is powerful because so many people are too scared to take a risk. They do the thing they love as they know when they are inspired they can inspire others.

2. Happy people don't get hooked on approval syndrome. They know they have to live in accordance with what they stand for if they are to illustrate integrity and build trust. They take the brave step of living their values as they know that they are enough and so they don't allow the opinions of others to become their opinion of themselves, after all opinions are just that- opinions, not facts.

3. Happy people take responsibility for themselves. If they mess up they don't point the finger of blame at someone else, they own it. They are confident enough within to say 'I messed up'. If things are not going their way, they don't whinge, they figure out another way to get to where they want to get to by changing their minds, attitude, and behaviour.

4. Happy people hang around with people who are positive, uplifting and happy. Misery loves company, and unhappy people find each other so they can moan. I used to hate being around people who moaned as it got in the way of my moaning. Positive, fun, inspirational people's attitudes are contagious so happy people love to mix with them.

5. Happy people don't compare and despair with others as they are aware that's insulting themselves. They know all that glistens isn't gold. The only comparing they do is comparing how far they have come from where they were, how much they have learned, how much they have grown.

6. Happy people let stuff go. They don't hold onto resentments and grudges as they know that it's futile to do so. They are aware that if they didn't cause something, they can't control it, so they are smart enough to focus on what they can change and let go of what they can't.

7. Happy people learn to listen and listen to learn. They listen to what people are saying and not saying. They also talk to express themselves by letting their words reflect high self -esteem by being honest, direct and open. With love and dignity, they speak the truth -as they think, feel and know it.


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