self esteem

My nose job means I now fall into a category of what society has decided is pretty. But I wish I had been strong enough to embrace what made me stand out.
Going without sex in quarantine, I've realised tying my sex life to my self-worth isn’t making me happy.
I kept my new year's resolution and slimmed down in 2019 but it didn't solve my problems, writes Alycia Arbuthnot.
Underneath ‘motivation porn’ lies the basic assumption that emotional feelings of happiness and self-worth are clearly obtainable – the truth is, there is no magical solution to any of life’s difficulties.
Living our lives for likes is both addictive, toxic and undoubtedly leads to increased anxiety and low self-esteem
Whether you resolve to feel more sexy, adventurous, rested, organised, healthy, successful, safe, loved… when you know how you want to feel, you’ll know what you need to do to get there