Struggle With Imposter Syndrome? You Need A Hype Folder

Because YOU are great.
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Imposter syndrome is rife – in fact, most Brits display at least three out of seven imposter syndrome traits.

Sometimes it’s hard to accept praise or that you are actually very capable in life whether at work, in friendships, or even creative pursuits.

Some TikTok creators have sought to tackle the problem using what they’re calling a “hype folder”, which contains screenshots and notes of whenever people have said nice things about you, been grateful for something you’ve done, or have given you positive feedback in the workplace.

And TBH, it sounds really wholesome.


just a girl with a hype folder of screenshots for when people say nice things 😇 #hype #screenshots #feedback #goodtimes #careeradvice

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Hype folders offer positive reinforcement

I asked around on social media to learn more about hype folders and whether people actually found them useful.

Briony, a marketer from Australia, told me: “I have an album on my phone called ‘nice things’ where I screenshot any nice emails or messages so I can look back on them.”

This correlates with what Ly, a writer from Glasgow, said: “I thought it was a bit cringe at first, but it helps. I keep the things I find hard to believe [for] positive reinforcement.”

I even have my own hype folder but as a typical Scot, it’s not called a hype folder, it’s called “stop being daft”. Same effect, but a wee telling off along the way.

Another writer said to me, “mine is a physical work folder called ‘you are not shit’”.

Marketing consultant Sue Henry said her “hype file” helps her when she’s “struggling with self-confidence” and feels like she’s “got nothing worth sharing”.

“I open my ‘hype file’ and read the notes,” she wrote on LinkedIn. “They are inspiring. They remind me that I do have much to offer... And most importantly, they remind me that it’s not about me!”

A screenshot of a hype folder on a laptop.
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A screenshot of a hype folder on a laptop.

Hype folders could even help you land that promotion

Not only are they a great self-esteem booster, but hype folders, in whatever form you choose, can be ideal when pushing for a promotion.

Job Today UK said on its TikTok channel: “Save emails, accomplishments, anything you can refer back to when you need to feel good about your job and what you’ve achieved, but also something to refer to when going for a new job or promotion.”

This makes sense because if you’re likely to clam up during these discussions, your data speaks for itself.

Time to get your hype on!