21/01/2015 07:11 GMT | Updated 22/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Seven Positivity Hacks For a Genuinely Happy 2015

1. Get some grattitude in your attutude

People who are grateful and never take anything for granted appreciate life, even the smallest of things and consequently they constantly attract in good things. Researchers are finding that grateful people are happier, more energetic and even healthier. They report less anxiety, less stress, better sleep, and get fewer headaches.

2. Fire your committee.

Often they sit at the foot of your bed, eagerly waiting for you to wake up so they can pounce on you. They love to make you anxious (which, as you know, is futile and doesn't change anything); it's simply an attempt by our committee to control our future by making us think negatively of ourselves.

3. Give up the addiction to anxiety and drama.

Practise 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day. Since 1970, modern clinical psychology and psychiatry have developed a number of therapeutic applications based on the concept of mindfulness, derived from Buddhism. Remember: successful people never knock things without having tried them first. This is what we call 'contempt prior to investigation'. Give it a go. There are heaps of courses, books and articles on mindfulness.

4. Stop comparing and despairing.

Stop feeling you need to conform to be accepted by others. You are not bound by what others think of you. If you look to get everyone's approval you will wear yourself out, as it is a full-time job and completely futile. Find acceptance in yourself and you will then feel positive, happy and confident even when your expectations are not met. When you are authentic you don;t need to compare as you are comfortable being unique.

5. Name, claim and dump old habits

It's such a waste of time and energy to focus on what is going wrong and what you don't have. Remember: if you pay attention to something, it grows. You need to send your attention to where you want it to go and starve your negative thoughts until they die. Dwell on your strength's, achievements, talents, skills and attributes.

6. Don't look to others to fix you.

Your inner wisdom guides your thoughts, actions and decisions to help you be anything you want to be, to help you get to wherever you want to get. Sure, ask others their opinions but then listen to your intuit and trust it as then the louder and stronger it becomes. Be prepared to let your intuition guide you, protect you, and direct you to a better place.

7. Don't Quit

Confident, successful people do not quit or collapse at the first sign of trouble; they keep going and they don't make statements such as 'that isn't possible'. They stay open to whatever route they need to take to get to where they want to be. Keep remembering what is good about you. You do not have to be good at everything. The key is to stay positive and keep asking yourself what your personal level of commitment is to making changes. If you lose faith something will happen, reframe immediately and say over and over 'It's possible' and 'why not me?'.