05/07/2017 09:03 BST | Updated 05/07/2017 09:03 BST

Overcoming Fear - Live Your Life!

Blend Images - John Lund via Getty Images

I've spent my whole life avoiding things that could physically hurt me. Things like roller-skating or ice- skating have been off the cards just in case I injure myself and then wouldn't be able to dance or teach. I avoided riding a bike for 32 years just in case I was to fall and injure myself! I'm pleased to say I have conquered the two-wheeled transportation device with the delightful aid of my 7 year old son and his magnificent teaching skills!

My safe space is dance. It's where I go to release, relax and rejuvenate. After years of being a dancer I then began to teach it along with other performing arts disciplines so therefore the risk to participate in such activities was even higher. I would now not only be risking my body but my business. If I wasn't able to move due to injury then I wouldn't be able to put food on the table or pay the electricity bill.

Once I turned 30 I decided that was enough. I needed to start pushing boundaries for myself. I decided it was time to say yes to things that excited me. Things I had always wanted to try. Things that could cause injury!

I started with Pole Dancing! It was new to me and very scary. What if I fall on my head? What if I crack my shoulder? But I didn't! Instead I achieved more than I ever thought I could in a genre that was alien to me. I loved every single moment of my pole journey.

My life long friend has been an aerial artiste for a while now and I've always watched her show-reels and thought to myself "wow! I wish I had the guts, the skill and the opportunity to do that". I never thought I would. I mean, hanging upside down from a pole a couple of feet above the ground is nothing compared to hanging upside down whilst spinning and being 6 - 12 feet off the ground!!!! No chance; I thought.

I can't remember how it came about...I can't remember how or why I became Facebook friends with D but I did and I watched her.... I watched her running an aerial school! I thought about it a lot and then went for a taster session...well that was it I was hooked!

The first few months of me doing Aerial Hoop taught me a lot about myself and the people around me. I was seeing strength, flare and guts in every person I saw enter that studio. Now just over a year on these sessions provide me with plenty of opportunity to be scared and I have tackled every single one of them in my own way.

At some point in your life you have to slap yourself and tell yourself that there is no point living in fear. Yes I know that it is impossible to live without fear but did you know that it IS possible to conquer it!?! Just step outside that comfort zone that protects you and see how far you can go.

"What if I fall?"..... "Oh, but my darling.. what if you fly?"