Voter Participation, Democracy and Taxes

Voter Participation, Democracy and Taxes

This my be a complete pipe dream but, why, when we pay our taxes can't we specify where and what the money we pay goes to?

I propose that when we do our taxes, we specify where the money goes starting with 1 to 5 percent of our yearly taxes. We each assign our tax money percentage wise to what categories we want our money spent on. It can be done easily enough now that the internet is here. We just tick the boxes and assign a percentage of our taxes to that area where we want the money to go. That way, our money goes to things we want. I have lived all over this world. I have found people want a better life, with hope for their kids future in a peaceful world where we can all aspire to greater things. Education, roads, street lighting, I can think of a myriad of things to spend the money on.

It's a simple idea. It's not impractical either. With today's internet technology it would be easy to have a tax website where we can choose a category for example: Social Programs, Municipal, Conservation, Industry, Transport, Military etc. then see on pop-up windows a description of the programs where money is needed in that area, and assign a percentage of our taxes accordingly. The site can highlight areas that need money and why. I personally think it would be a more accurate source of information than the newspapers. It's a direct line of communication from the government to each individual and back again to the government.

In the west we are experiencing a "lack of voter participation", but no one has bothered to really involve the voter.

Think what this would mean: if we all did this, starting with a small percentage of the taxes we pay throughout the western world and beyond, everyone would become involved and gradually educated in how our group (country) works and survives.

Even if we started doing this with only 1 to 5 percent of our yearly taxes, it would provide real data to politicians on what people were really interested in. It would be interesting to at least start, then we can see what people really want, and that's valuable information for a politician and for people. In time, people would become more educated and interested in the running of their country and therefore knowledgeable about their countries present and future development and needs.

Once we involve everyone in the decision making process of assigning money we will start to take more interest and responsibility in running our countries. Then we can decide what to do about deficits, debts, inflation, food, crime and social problems etc.

Just an idea. But it was just the millions of ideas that created everything we see today.

Think about it. Greater communication and almost instant feedback between the managers of a nation and the people.

There are many questions. For example; What about national crises? What about that small percentage of people who simply don't care where the money goes and just put it all on the first option? There may be hundreds of questions and issues, but they all have an answer and an agreeable solution. I have my own ideas for these - but what do you think?

A government run for the people, by the people. Isn't government for the people, by the people a basic human right?

I leave you with a quote from American President James Madison:

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and the people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives."


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