Government Spending

Red boxes and briefing documents get transported on their own by an eight-vehicle fleet, HuffPost UK has found.
NAO watchdog finds £720m of public money was blown on staff who had “little to do”.
A legal action has been launched against the government over its failure to disclose details of its spending.
Labour frontbencher says party will “confront financial mismanagement” and press government to offer “value for money".
Think-tank says chancellor's claims 'sound substantial' but not borne out by the figures.
Chancellor is ripping up the fiscal rules to fund investment but his predecessor says "ordinary taxpayer will pick up the bill".
Digital giant says ads published day snap election was called were about "social issues, elections or politics". Johnson has been accused of misusing public cash for political purposes.
Ten years after austerity measures were put in place in the UK, the government has finally reported a small budget surplus. The huge debts incurred after bailing out banks during the 2008 global financial crisis led to an emergency budget which massively reduced government spending. But homelessness, child poverty and reliance on food banks have increased. In this episode of The Breakdown By HuffPost, we explore if austerity measures were a temporary and necessary financial tool to bring the country back from the edge of bankruptcy, or a new mindset of how the government funds social spending like housing, welfare and schooling. If the employment rate is at a 44-year low, why are people doing so badly under austerity Britain?
Potential Tory leadership candidate hails former colleagues for avoiding violent protests.