02/07/2014 07:04 BST | Updated 31/08/2014 06:59 BST

Make Up - It's Fake

Makeup is the bane of any teenage girls life. It's made to seem like you'll gain confidence and become overall a better person. But really all it does is wreck your confidence and make you look a caked troll. Surely natural beauty is the way forward?

My personal view is that make up isn't too bad. However, I think the way young women put on so much makeup that their face becomes a pasty ball of rainbows is repulsive. Surely people would rather look naturally good and have more free time, instead of spending countless amount of hours making their face look a little different? I blame adverts for this.

The way these scummy companies shove the belief that makeup is good down our throats is through advertising. The ruthless amount of adverts to do with makeup you see on the television is ridiculous! All promising different types of looks, for example, 'the London look'. Honestly, who cares about the London look? Surely you'd rather look like yourself?

Dove made a very powerful advert about how fake society is and how the perfect look may not be so perfect.

This advert shows how media can easily change the physical appearance of people, this makes teenagers feel uncomfortable and less confident. Therefore pushing them to wear makeup to fit in. Which is ironic as anything teenagers should want is to stand out, and embrace their natural beauty.

The way modern society still keeps exceeding the pressure to look a certain way, or have a certain look worsens the way teenagers look. Furthermore, because people of a younger age group can be easily lead, I think it's made people of a much younger age group feel the need to look like the people they call heroes.

Due to modern society's perverse nature towards young women, people like Miley Cyrus become famous for the wrong reasons, and because of this young people wish to follow in her foot steps, meaning that you find seven and eight-year-old girls with make up on, 'twerking'. Do we really want this in today's society?

Overall I believe that makeup is abused and has become a negative role model of people in today's society. In conclusion I think makeup shouldn't be considered as such a positive re-enforcement to young people, and shouldn't be abused like it is. People should feel comfortable to not wear make up on a daily basis, without feeling penalized for what they look like.