14/05/2014 09:55 BST | Updated 12/07/2014 06:59 BST

The Kim Kardashian Shoe Change Challenge

This is breaking news. Between a costume change of 't-bar' sandals, to 'over the toe' style, and the continuing has-she? hasn't-she? surgery debate, I can't quite decide which story is most influential to my general well being and mental state.

What genuinely baffles me the most is when she had time to change her shoes, when did this happen?

Apparently it was en route to the event. Who knew?

Remember when women such as Lee Miller, Rosa Parks, and Elizabeth I were inspirational, powerful, strong figures women aspired to?

What inspired the change?

Kim Kardashians rear end seems to receive more coverage. No pun intended.

I am obviously missing something when a woman being sodomised, and objectified, is now aspirational and celebrity enforcing. Somehow the 'reality' of a scripted life is of interest to the world, a fake fairytale that began with being urinated on: DREAM. Yet, she is now gracing front covers, has a child whose name is inspired by the points on a compass and is a product created and exploited by her own mother. I remember being so terrified introducing my first boyfriend to my parents, I am unsure when the (alleged) brokering of a deal regarding your daughter's sex tape became the norm.

Why are girls taught that sexual objectification is empowering?

You will probably ask why it is not.

Caroline Heldman, chair of Politics at Occidental College, says,

"Subjects ACT. OBJECTS are acted upon."

Unfortunately so many women feel the need to become the object, and are wrongly taught this, more often than not, without being consciously aware.

Whilst at a casting, I met a model of ethnicity that is quite rare in the fashion industry, and as diversity is creeping into fashion FINALLY, I felt relieved that she was representing; that is until we discussed behaviour at a shoot. It astounded me to hear her say, 'I just act dumb, I act younger and pretend I have nothing to say. It just makes it easier'.

This is saddening and confusing. Come on girl, you are in a position many dream of, you have a platform, I also sadly understand. Quite often I hear a young girl talk about what they learned at school that day, or repeat a trivial fact, to then be told to 'stop showing off', or even better, to 'shut up'. It seems to have a child that is bright, and interested in their education is detrimental to your personal reputation? Be honest with yourself, what are you so ashamed of?

Nobody likes a gloater, not even if it is 5 years old.

When meeting new people, the dreaded introductory, small talk period over with, I would be forced to utter the words, 'I'm a model' .

'Model' is apparently shameful, it seems you are instantly categorised as stupid, vain, vacuous or not the sharpest tool in the box, plus the LOOK that says,


that I, personally, have received so many times. I have had to try and prove that yes, I do have a personality, an opinion, possibly even the odd joke thrown in for good measure. How about a bit of self-criticism in there too?

You just came out and said you were a MODEL? wait. Did she just say that?!


Heaven forbid you won the genetic lottery AND you have a few active brain cells. Universities are accepting models you know, and they aren't just studying fashion marketing.

Vocabulary is stretching beyond,

'How many casting's do you have today?' and, 'Eurgh, I REALLY need a Starbucks'.

I remember being young, at Christmas, receiving, the Oxford dictionary Grammar & usage, the Oxford Dictionary, and a huge Encyclopedia. I will be honest, trying to be excited unwrapping these literary weights was especially hard; BUT I will admit, I was pretty chuffed as they were so big. Big books for a grown up, plus the outer sleeve was shiny, really shiny, and if you took the cover off they looked like the books in Beauty and the Beast. For all of Disney's faults, introducing me to a Disney princess that loved education and reading was exceptionally well done. Damn you Disney. You made me like books, instead of the fairytale.

I am still trying to find that library, with talking candelabra's and stairs on wheels.

Women with a brain. It should be safe to come out now.