60 Years of the NME

21/09/2012 10:45 BST | Updated 20/11/2012 10:12 GMT

A couple of weeks ago I applied for a job as a writer for an online journal. I was asked to submit some writing samples and then write 50 words about my favourite magazine. That last bit really bugged me, but hey ho. This is what I wrote.

'As for the 50 words on my favourite magazine...Christ, I've only really ever felt a kinship towards the NME and, back in the old days, The Melody Maker. The reason is simple: I love music and I found the writing there inspiring, annoying, opinionated, but always memorable. It also looked good, had eye-catching covers, and great photography. And the ink from the pages came off on your fingers. It felt real.'

So when I heard that the NME was hosting a show to celebrate 60 years of existence, I'm there. Behind NME Lines - 60 Years of Iconic NME Covers is currently being held at the NEO Bankside, just next to Tate Modern.

For anyone who ever fell in love with a band, just go.

Now I was going to write this, looking back with nostalgia to the covers that changed my life, those that introduced me to The Stone Roses, Pulp and Suede, remembering the day I bought the Kurt Cobain tribute issue and having a bit of a cry. But I'd rather look forward.

I'm also moved to do so because to celebrate the launch night of the show, next month's cover stars - Palma Violets - played a gig that evening in the Turbine Hall of the Tate. Being slightly out of the loop I'd never heard of these lads before but went along, and was subsequently blown away; absolutely brilliant. I think I'm a pretty hard customer, but what a cracking band. I'm in.

See what you think, here's a snippet of footage I took on the night.

It's strange - I wrote a blog a few weeks back saying how Edinburgh band The 10:04's had deeply affected me and made me feel young again. And now - to paraphrase Al Pacino in The Godfather - once again, just as I keep thinking my time as a music-besotted indie kid is over, the NME, it pulls me back in.

Loving it though; thanks NME.

I never heard back from that job application by the way, so if you're looking...