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Aarti Popat

A leading interior designer creating contemporary, eclectic & stylish interiors for high-end residential & boutique commercial clients

With more than a decade’s experience working in prestigious international design agencies across a number of commercial and residential sectors, Aarti uses her industry-wide knowledge combined with her love of travel to deliver warm, sophisticated spaces packed with personality. Every project she undertakes is completely bespoke – sensitively designed and curated to suit each client’s vision and aesthetic. Aarti understands the importance of striking the balance between bespoke and off-the-shelf pieces; couture and vintage items; timeless classics and modern statement elements. This eclectic fusion gives each space a story that is original and engaging, and that showcases the client’s lifestyle, aesthetic or business vision. Aarti has travelled extensively. She loves to explore new places and cultures and has visited some of the world’s most breath-taking destinations - from trekking across the Great Wall of China, to exploring in Egypt and backpacking through Thailand. This international perspective influences her work, and has shaped her trademark warm, intricately layered and sophisticated style, and she regularly sources finishes, furnishings and other pieces from all over the world. She also has a keen interest in vintage furniture and photography, and you can regularly find her trawling through antique fairs to find the perfect item.
The Scandinavian

The Scandinavian Influence

The 'Scandi-look' is what I have requests for from a lot of my clients, they love the style and the feeling it evokes. The pure simplicity of clean lines and pared back elegance makes the space warm and inviting and is usually functional and minimal. The use of muted tones and earthy materials such as wood is a must for Scandinavian inspired homes.
08/05/2017 15:50 BST
Inside Scoop: How Do You Develop A

Inside Scoop: How Do You Develop A Concept?

I always have a lot of people asking me how I choose a look and develop the concept for a project, which can be as complicated as using a keyword derived from primary and secondary research or as simple as a 'style' of living.
20/02/2017 11:40 GMT
Is 2016 The Year For A Handmade

Is 2016 The Year For A Handmade Christmas?

I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to getting cosy on the sofa with candles burning and Christmas movies playing all day... But before that there is lots of work to do. It's not that easy to make your own Christmas.
21/12/2016 15:00 GMT