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Aidan McGivern

Met Office Meteorologist

Aidan McGivern is a meteorologist and weather presenter at the Met Office, based in Exeter. Previously, he worked as a weather forecaster for the RAF and the Offshore Industry and a weather presenter for ITV. He has a degree in Geography from the University of Edinburgh and a degree in Meteorology and Climatology from the University of Birmingham.
What If The 1987 Great Storm Happened

What If The 1987 Great Storm Happened Today?

Nowadays, we have instant access to weather forecasts online and through our mobile apps as well as continuous updates via social media. It's difficult to imagine going to bed in the evening completely unaware of an imminent hurricane-force storm in the English Channel. But would we really do a better job in 2017 compared to 1987?
15/10/2017 13:43 BST
Why Is British Heat Often

Why Is British Heat Often Short-lived?

While British summers may still be described as three fine days and a thunderstorm, it's more important than ever that we understand the mechanisms that cause the UK's hottest weather to be followed by its most violent thunderstorms.
01/08/2017 16:26 BST