Aisling Gray

Blogger about motherhood, travelling to nice places with little people and running marathons

My name is Aisling (Irish name meaning dream or vision and pronounced Ashling). I’m a Northern Irish Londoner, happy but run-ragged mother of two (Romilly, born 2012 and Jasper, born 2014), keen runner and lover of beautiful destinations and top notch customer service. I’m married to Jez, my university sweetheart, with whom I spent eight years before we decided to take on way more responsibility than we ever imagined possible by bringing little people into the world. In those eight years, we ran together, skied together, visited a few beautiful places home and away and enjoyed lots of what London has to offer. With two little people in tow, we are trying – sometimes in vein and sometimes with great success – to combine both worlds.

I blog about motherhood, family/life in London, my passion for running as well as the trials and tribulations of seeing the world both near and far with children.

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