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Angus Hanton

Co-founder, Intergenerational Foundation

Co-founder, Intergenerational Foundation

Forget Stamp Duty And Railcards - The Chancellor Has Ignored The Actual Issues Crippling Young People

Has Spreadsheet Phil offered something substantial to younger generations in today's Budget? A quick glance through the policies announced suggests that rather than taking bold steps to rebalance the interests of different generations more fairly, the Chancellor has once again ducked the key issues that are crippling young people - student debt, high housing costs and stagnating wages.
22/11/2017 16:40 GMT

Young, Gifted And Ignored - Nothing For Young People In The Autumn Statement

There was just one mention of "future generations" in Wednesday's Autumn Statement. The Chancellor announced that he was saving a large stately home from collapse for future generations. The fact that he was saving a home for the future was not lost on those of us working for a fairer deal for younger and future generations. It seems those to come will get a house - just not one that they can live in.
24/11/2016 10:07 GMT