Angus Walker

Former ITV News China correspondent

Angus Walker was a correspondent for ITV news for 13 years and was China Correspondent between 2010 - 2013.

How Denmark Is Raising The World's Greenest Generation

By 2025 the Danish capital Copenhagen will be the world's first carbon neutral city, that's the plan anyway. Carbon emissions fell by around 20% in 2015 from the 2005 level. So far so good, but bear in mind this is a city which already has a head start on other major urban centres in Europe.
20/02/2017 17:10 GMT

Brexit, the Opera

Under stormy skies, in an ancient arena, built when Europe was ruled by Rome and when fears of a modern EU empire were centuries away from newspaper front pages, a tale of conflict, conquest and torn loyalties is being played out.
30/06/2016 15:17 BST

Sweden Imposes Border Controls

Many Swedes regard it as a human duty for a rich country to allow those who need refuge in, no questions asked. Now the request "show me your passport" is being asked and there many more questions which need to be answered before Sweden can decide how it will cope with it's overwhelming influx of humanity.
12/11/2015 15:29 GMT

Relations Thawed, It Seems We Cannot Do Enough to Impress China

Relations thawed, it seems we cannot do enough to impress China, perhaps fearful of being frozen out again. The sight of a communist party leader being wheeled down the Mall in a gilded carriage shows just how far the UK has gone to repair the damage of recent years.
21/10/2015 17:16 BST