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Anna Smith Higgs

Stroke survivor, burlesque dancer, activist for sex and the disabled, fashionista, wears crazy head dresses

i suffered a life changing stroke aged 24 a month and a day after my son was born on Xmas day 2004. i have performed at the southbank royal festival hall as a disabled burlesque performer. i am a ambassador of the stroke association, i work very closely with local hospitals on there strokes wards. i believe everyone is entitled to great sex even the disabled

Strokes And Periods

As if having a stroke is not bad enough, throw in your monthly visit from mother nature, and the fact we only have one hand that works, and the fact that most of us are on blood thinners, makes for a huge mess.
15/11/2017 12:56 GMT

Burlesque Has Given Back To Me The Life My Stroke Took Away

<img alt="life less ordinary banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> My stage name is Cinnamon Cheeks. The feeling I get from being on stage and the confidence I now have in my body is incredible. I am a plus-size disabled girl. To stand on stage and take all if your clothes off being a fully-abled body takes guts, so imagine how I feel doing it when only one arm works and my moves are limited.
17/10/2017 17:55 BST