Anshuman Rawat

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Anshuman Rawat is an Indian journalist, communications specialist, author, filmmaker and serial media entrepreneur. His journalistic writing has appeared in Foreign Policy Association network (USA), Asia360 News (Singapore), The Huffington Post (UK), Asia Times Online (Hong Kong), International Institute for Asian Studies (Netherlands), New Age Islam (South Asia), Zee Premier, Swarajya (both India) and (India/US). An anthology of his political commentaries was published in 2013 as a book, Conflicts, Geopolitics and Asia Volume 1: 2010-12 – A Short Diary of Notes from the Region, and is widely available at world’s leading online book stores. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal (USA), Vegas’ Arts & Entertainment Corner (USA), Correspondent TV (UK), The Times of India, The Indian Express, Mid-Day, Deccan Herald, Verve and FM Radio Mirchi (all India). His long-term ambition is to play a leading role in the “development and spread of social welfare-oriented media convergence in India”.
Chelsea Remains The Team To

Chelsea Remains The Team To Beat

If there was one message that rose above all the others after the engaging and edgy Premier League encounter between Tottenham Hotspurs and Chelsea at Wembley, it was that despite all the doomsayers pronouncements about disharmony and dejection at Stamford Bridge, the rest of the teams in the league would have to work desperately hard to take the trophy off Chelsea's hands.
21/08/2017 14:48 BST
Death Of A

Death Of A Pet

As with most mornings, I was reading the newspaper in bed while my pet turtle Tobi was in the water in his transparent plastic container by our bedroom window. This was his hour of basking in 'passive sunlight'. But something felt different. I noticed that he was in an unusually calm floating state for a bit.
20/06/2017 13:16 BST
Chelsea And Conte Need To Transfer Faith,

Chelsea And Conte Need To Transfer Faith, NOW

For the second consecutive game, Chelsea lost points due to a disjoint performance by an ill-equipped defence. That that would be the opening line about a Chelsea performance even in the new season reveals how little has changed in that department for the team; and how much the stagnation threatens to repeat the 2015/16 season.
19/09/2016 12:55 BST
Post Brexit, India Can Be UK's America To The

Post Brexit, India Can Be UK's America To The East

Most importantly, quite like the US, the Indo-UK partnership can rest assured on the very concrete edifice of both being thriving, liberal, and multi-cultural democracies. That means that the relationship cannot be marred by the whims and fancies of a closed system like, for example, that of China. The need is for an open heart and active feet.
05/09/2016 11:58 BST
The Two Things England Need to Do at Old

The Two Things England Need to Do at Old Trafford

The second Test between England and Pakistan beginning tomorrow (July 22) at Old Trafford has acquired a strange tension, which is vastly more intense and different from the buzz surrounding the crowd reaction to Mohammed Amir's return to the stage where he had let the cricketing world down.
22/07/2016 14:34 BST
Shamed Mourinho Has Unleashed a

Shamed Mourinho Has Unleashed a Beast

Current league holders Manchester City should not be surprised if on January 31 they meet a Chelsea team that plays both freely because it is relieved of some pressure and angrily because it feels that the world is responsible for its defeat at the hands of Bradford in FA Cup.
28/01/2015 12:43 GMT
English Cricket Is Losing the

English Cricket Is Losing the Plot

What should worry the mandarins of the game in its country of birth, however, is the complete lack of purpose and direction of the current team. The immediate task for England is simple - do not allow India to win any more tests in the series, and win at least one for itself.
22/07/2014 09:39 BST
The Tricky Business of Permanent

The Tricky Business of Permanent Residency

There are many ways in which modern societies are getting shaped across the world. Australia cast its vote recently in favour of crafting one by handpicking well heeled citizens from other countries.
26/06/2012 15:23 BST
An Even

An Even Match

A November 2011 report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a US congressional advisory panel, urged the White House and US Congress to scrutinize China's military expansion and pushed for a tougher stance against, what it dubbed as, anticompetitive Chinese trade policies.
09/01/2012 11:09 GMT