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Bhupender Singh

Chief Executive Officer of Intelenet Global Services.

Bhupender Singh is the Chief Executive Officer of Intelenet® Global Services. He is responsible for managing Intelenet’s global business portfolio across US, UK, Europe, Middle East, India, and Philippines. Bhupender exemplifies Intelenet’s commitment to deliver value to clients across the business lifecycle, with his penchant for aligning organizations to ever-changing market demands.

A New Era Of Tech-Powered Health Which Brings Nurses To The Doorstep Of Patients

Over the years we have seen rapid development and adoption of technologies which have changed the way we live. But nowhere is this impact more apparent than in the medical and healthcare field. From prescribing medicine, automating workflow processes to Uber cabs taking patients' home from the hospital. There is no doubt that digital solutions open up avenues for healthcare professionals to ensure better patient care.
20/03/2017 15:23 GMT