Cheryl Barry

Freelance Marketing Copywriter and Blogger

Cheryl is a freelance marketing copywriter and has worked with many clients large and small. She is mum to two lively young daughters, Alice 4 and Eva 2.

Her blog Tea or Wine ( covers a range of topics but frequently looks at the two very different worlds of parenting and freelancing and how they often collide.

Juggling work and parenting as well as coping with the pressures of modern day living affect many people and this is an ongoing theme on Cheryl's blog.

When she isn't working, writing or dealing with two small children, Cheryl likes to relax with a good book or a film with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.
Nine Ways The School Run Can Go

Nine Ways The School Run Can Go Wrong

With the half-term holidays over and most children going back to school this week, it's time to get back into the routine of the dreaded school run. You might think that the trick of getting your child out the door and into school should be relatively easy right?
21/02/2017 16:06 GMT
Judgement by Social

Judgement by Social Media

Children can be curious, determined and lightening quick. They can get up to all sorts in the blink of an eye. Who hasn't experienced that heart-pounding moment when you've turned around only to find them gone? Even if it's for 10 seconds, it is a scary and desperate moment.
16/06/2016 17:37 BST
Dealing with A Potty Mouthed

Dealing with A Potty Mouthed Toddler

My 2 year old has started swearing. Yes I know, I can practically see the look on your face now as you read this. But before you judge me, can I just say that it's really not my fault, I lay that blame firmly at the feet of my husband who uses the phrase "Bloody" or "Bloody Hell," more than he realises.
25/05/2016 12:29 BST
What to Do When You Don't Get Your Choice of Primary

What to Do When You Don't Get Your Choice of Primary School

My husband had checked the email very early in the morning. I had laughed when he read out the name of a school that I'd never even considered, assuming that he was joking. This soon turned to total shock. Not only had we not gained a place at our first choice of school, but we hadn't gained a place at the other three choices either.
17/04/2016 20:05 BST
Seven Gadgets My Mum Never

Seven Gadgets My Mum Never Had

Over a recent discussion with the 4 year old about radiators, my daughter was amazed to learn that not everyone has heating including her very own Nan who lived without it when she was a girl.
22/02/2016 15:12 GMT

Running Scared

When a family member asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I flippantly emailed a list comprising 2 items - 1) pyjamas and 2) running clothes with a note that said "In case I ever get my arse moving in 2016."
07/01/2016 09:01 GMT
What Mums Really Want for

What Mums Really Want for Christmas

It might sound cliché, but in a year where our family has had tonsillitis, pneumonia, chest infections and plenty of other nasties, I would love for us all to be fit and well over the Christmas break.
16/12/2015 10:09 GMT
When is the Right Age to Have a

When is the Right Age to Have a Baby?

The outcry is nothing new. We've heard all of the tales of doom and gloom before. Yes, there are risks to be aware of about having children later in life, but as I've witnessed from several friends, there can be risks during pregnancy and with childbirth at any age.
19/11/2015 16:25 GMT
Nine Sayings That Confirm You're Turning Into Your

Nine Sayings That Confirm You're Turning Into Your Parents

Have you found yourself saying things to your children that your mum or dad used to say to you? The type of comments that used to make your eyes roll? When did this happen, this sudden ability to spout stuff that is pointless, meaningless or plain ridiculous? Here are some of the strange and ludicrous things I've found myself saying recently which I never thought I would...
16/11/2015 16:20 GMT