Claire Broadley

Technical writer for WhoIsHostingThis, Red Robot Media, and more

Claire Broadley is a copy and technical writer. She runs her own business, Red Robot Media, a technical authoring and SEO copywriting company, and writes for clients all over the world.

Claire became interested in technology at a very young age. She was given her first computer, an Acorn Electron, aged six. By age ten - in 1990 - she did a class presentation on a new IT communication network; the network that would eventually become known as the internet.

After school, Claire toured round the world with her electronic music project, Printed Circuit. She then embarked on a career in IT. Having started as a helpdesk administrator, Claire gained two Microsoft qualifications with high pass marks. After gaining more experience, she combined her love of writing with her love of gadgets and technology, branching out into technical writing.

In 2011, Claire left her steady job working for a University in England and kick-started her business career. She now runs Red Robot Media and completes SEO copywriting and technical writing projects for a diverse range of clients in a range of sectors.

For more information on Claire, go to the Red Robot Media website.
The Perks and Perils of Working From

The Perks and Perils of Working From Home

Over the years, people have told me that working from home is more stressful than working in their office. Their number one concern is a drop in productivity. Distractions drain your energy at the best of times, but when your boss is looking over your shoulder, you can feel an immense pressure to get things done.
24/09/2014 12:14 BST
Has Facebook Lost the

Has Facebook Lost the Plot?

If you have a Facebook account, you've probably Liked at least a few brands and businesses. All of these companies continually jostle for valuable space in your news feed. And as the number of posts from businesses grows, the amount of 'noise' builds.
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Why It's Time to Stamp Out Sexism in

Why It's Time to Stamp Out Sexism in Science

Sexism in science reinforces an outdated message. It underlines the fact that, for young women, sexist attitudes are a barrier to their involvement in science and technology.
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Are LOCOG Dampening Our Olympic

Are LOCOG Dampening Our Olympic Spirit?

Ambulances banned from Olympic lanes. Security companies being paid millions for creating a shortfall and forcing the Army to step in. The dreary British summer has done nothing to improve the public mood about the forthcoming Olympic Games, but the real problem for London 2012 is LOCOG.
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Five Cool New Technologies at the London 2012

Five Cool New Technologies at the London 2012 Olympics

Year on year, the Olympic Games prompt technological innovation. NBC were the first broadcasters to use live colour satellite footage for the 1964 Games, and this year, the BBC will be pushing the envelope with 24 HD streams, apps, 3D and social media.
09/07/2012 17:25 BST