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Claire O’Sullivan

Supermum to two boys, writer and lover of life

I am Supermum to two boys, a writer of experiences and a lover of life. Although I'm a Scottish lass at heart, I currently live in Cape Town with my husband and two beautiful boys, aged two and six years old. I love to travel to experience different cultures and to try the different cuisines - I do love my food! My idea of a perfect start to the day would be to have breakfast near the sea, with the sun on my face, listening to the sound of waves. My background is in marketing and advertising, but since moving to Cape Town three years ago I've taken a break from the media industry and am now a full-time mum, which is more exhausting than working full-time, as I'm sure many parents will agree. I volunteer a few hours each week at a charity called The Life Matters Foundation who help children in disadvantaged communities of Cape Town to read and write. Our goal is to aid these children with the tools they need to continue their educational journey. I love being involved with this charity and it has become a passion of mine. Another passion I have is writing. Although I'd love to write more than I currently do, it has become a huge part of my life recently and I enjoy writing from the heart about real-life experiences. It's my way of taking time-out from being a mum, wife, friend and colleague and I find it very therapeutic...if I get peace from my boys to do it!
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Conversations With Our Kids

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