David Dodd

Creative entrepreneur and life hacker

In March 2013 I took the decision to leave my London home, wave goodbye to the friends and family I love and the small creative business I founded and go in search of a new direction for my life. I wasn't unhappy, I wasn't unsuccessful, I was bored.

I decided to spend the next 12 months with a radically new approach to life: I would try something different every single week, leading a nomadic existence, learning new skills, sampling different cultures and generally living outside my comfort zone for an entire year. Without the warm cozy shell of my life and career, I hoped I could learn how to be more creative, more productive and maybe even a better person. I also hoped to be a bit less bored.

Call it a life hack, call it a career break, call it a midlife crisis (don't though, I'm only 32), call it what you like, all I know is that I'm spending this year trying a new 'thing' every 7 days, sharing my experiences and insight at myyearinflux.com and seeing if, by planning little, experimenting lots and aiming for nothing, I can arrive at something new. What that something is, I'm not so sure, but the something before it is called Flux, and it is the opposite of boring!
Down With Gap Years, Long Live the Career

Down With Gap Years, Long Live the Career Break

Gap years used to be seen as the last big chance for an adventure before working life, and we did it (if we could) because everyone knew we couldn't very well stop mid-career for a break. But if such societal blinkers were removed, doesn't a career break make more sense than a gap year?
05/11/2013 18:34 GMT
A Cure for Impostor

A Cure for Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor Syndrome describes the status of feeling like you don't know as much as you think you know on a given subject, that those around you know infinitely more, and that you might be found out as a fraud at any minute. Sound familiar? It's a problem from which even the most successful and outwardly confident people suffer.
19/08/2013 14:06 BST