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David Jones

Conservative MP for Clwyd West

Conservative MP for Clwyd West
Overlooked By the Outside World, Conflict in Yemen Continues

Overlooked By the Outside World, Conflict in Yemen Continues Unabated

In the space of just eight months since the latest conflict broke out in late March, the numbers in need of humanitarian assistance have risen to over 80% of the population: a staggering 21.2million people, including almost 10million children. Over 1,500 children have been killed and injured as a result of the war... It is increasingly urgent that everything possible be done to halt the catastrophic loss of life.
08/12/2015 18:11 GMT
Yemen - The Unknown Humanitarian

Yemen - The Unknown Humanitarian Crisis

Today marks the six month anniversary of the start of the conflict in Yemen, which has affected the lives of 21million people, including 9.9million children. With the situation deteriorating every day, the world's biggest humanitarian crisis continues unabated.
25/09/2015 18:03 BST
Syria's Lost

Syria's Lost Generation

It seems there is no end in sight for a whole generation of people who continue to suffer as a consequence of the vicious civil war. Children often pay the biggest price in times of conflict, which exposes them to trauma, exploitation and abuse. Syrian children and their families are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the challenging living conditions. Many are without food and water and have found it hard to endure the harsh winter weather. A large number have to work to support themselves and their families; girls are being married off for their 'safety' and boys are being recruited into armed groups.
24/03/2015 17:46 GMT