Dawn-Maria France

Award-winning Journalist

Dawn-Maria France is the Editor-in-chief of a wildly successful women’s news magazine Yorkshire Women’s Life. She is an award-winning and accomplished journalists for almost thirty one years.

Dawn-Maria is a travel writer, children's author and broadcaster, who is passionate about women’s rights, equality and diversity.

Dawn-Maria has been interviewed on Spain's largest english speaking radio station: Talk Radio Europe, where she talked about women in the media.

Dawn-Maria has presented awards at award ceremonies, and has sat on news panels discussing 'women in the news', and 'global news stories'. Dawn-Maria was a panelist on 'Views in the news' at the highly respected Women of the World festival.

Dawn-Maria has interviewed celebrities and prominent public figures, as well as covering women's issues and global news stories.

Dawn-Maria is the daughter of artist Helen France, MBE, and the great-niece of Sir Joseph Nathaniel France, the St Kitts and Nevis politician and journalist.

She is a broadcasting veteran with experience on BBC TV, Sky and on radio.